Saturday, June 9, 2012

Book II: May 31- June 7: Ch. 1-15

So far, I read up to chapter eleven. Julien is living in Paris as secretary to an attorney there. I must mention that there is quit a bit of historical facts being mentioned through out this part of the text. I wanted to note this because if there is ever another chance to read this book again, I want to look for some of these names and date mentioned.


  1. I completed book one today, Julien ends up going to the seminary and now he is regarded as a hero. His reputation as being a villian or just simple dislike still follow him.

  2. I upto chapter fourteen. Julien and Mathaldie realize that they are in love with each other. Julien's hate for the rich seem to deserved a mention from the author. How men and women interact with each other apparently is compared to the Napolen war.

    1. I wanted to make an annotation on to my comment on the Napoleon War. The cursor on this computer is jumping around all over the place. I'm not sure of the authors intention when so much historical facts are being mentioned. It seems that Napoleon and the julien are in comparison.