Saturday, July 21, 2012

This discussion does not have a reaing schedule from the moderator.  This taken from one of the discussions within the group.

9:31 PM 7/21/2012 / I should have read classics group

I have the book. It is divided into eight sections, which are called "Books."

Book 1 Miss Brooke
Book 2 Old and Young (Starts with Chapter 13)
Book 3 Waiting for Death (Starts with Chapter 23)
Book 4 Three Love Problems (Chapter 34)
Book 5 The Dead Hand (Chapter 43)
Book 6 The Widow and the Wife (Chapter 54)
Book 7 Two Temptations (Chapter 63)
Book 8 Sunset and Sunrise (Chapter 72)

The books appear to be roughly similar lengths in pages (none particularly long or short). I think Middlemarch was originally published in installments, so it makes sense that the installments would be similar lengths.

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